Frequently Asked Questions

  1. General

    • What platforms do you support?

    • We currently fully support only 64bit Windows machines, but if you request Linux version on support, we will set up our workflow to include also automatic updates and full support for Linux.

    • Do you provide also 32bit software?

    • No. AtomAnalyzer is built to be able to process hundreds of GiB of data, which is possible only on 64-bit systems.

    • Can I use your software in embedded applications?

    • Embedded and industrial applications are possible, however for information on customization (connecting to HW of other vendors) please contact us on info.

    • Unexpected behaviour with data

    • If you encounter enexpected behaviour, please try to clear cache. You can do it by navigating to "Other" in the toulbar and selecting "Clear cache".

    • Autosave

    • We have implemented autosave function that will save your project every few seconds, so in case of PC failure you will always have your project up-to-date.

  2. Windows

    • SmartScreen disabled the program.

    • On some systems, fullowing screen appears while trying to run the software for the first time. SmartScreen tries to protect computer from unknown software, you can read more about SmartScreen here. This happens because our software is bleeding-edge and Microsoft does not have AtomAnalyzer in it's database yet. We are working on this issue, but until then, you can safely allow the application to run. Click on the "More info" and then "Run anyway".

    • Toolkit Chemometrics won't load

    • You are missing Windows Redistributable libraries for MSVC 2017. See our answer bellow.

    • The program can't start because MSVCP140.dll is missing from your computer

    • Try reinstalling the program to fix the problem. This issue is caused, because we use some shared libraries, so the application package is much smaller. However, your computer is missing some of the standard libraries. You can download them directly from the Microsoft servers or from our servers.

  3. Linux

    • Where can I download Linux version?

    • Linux version is not publicly available yet, but if you are interested in having one, please write us at support and we will set-up process for making also Linux builds.